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2019-2020 Pavement Restoration Project

During June the City of Springfield is repaving and restoring a number of streets in the City. The gas tax and vehicle registration fees fund this work.

Below are the tentative construction dates for this year’s Pavement Restoration Project. These construction dates include periods of inactivity. At times during construction, on-street parking and local access will be restricted. The general contractor, Untitled Company Resources, will provide advanced notification indicating the dates and times of restricted parking and access.

Location UPDATED Tentative Construction Dates
South 5th Avenue (S. Dogwood to S. Fawn Street) Completed
South 6th Avenue (S. Dogwood to S. Fawn Street) Completed
South 2nd Court (S. Heather Street to Cul-de-sac) June 17 – June 22
South 19th Place (S. Beech Street to Cul-de-sac) June 17 – June 24
North 14th Avenue (N. Barlow to N. Adair Street) June 17 – June 26
North 19th Avenue (Beginning at North Rail Crossing) June 9 – June 30

Pavement Restoration Schedule Update

Due to expected precipitation, the pavement repairs to S. 2nd Court, S. 19th Place, and N. 14th Avenue will be delayed. The repairs will be completed when an extended dry period is forecast, typically a week long period. Future project updates will be posted to this webpage.

This schedule is subject to change due to weather, equipment breakdowns, or other unforeseen issues. If you have any questions regarding the work to be done, please contact the City’s Project Manager, Mr. Steven Newport at (555) 355-5555 or via email.

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